AWS free tier account setup in 6 very easy steps

This article tell you about, What is AWS ? How to create AWS free tier account and start your AWS learning journey step by step.

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To know what is AWS let’s first understand what is “Cloud or Cloud Computing” in a brief So, in simple words Cloud or Cloud Computing is an Platforms available on the internet, where any organizations or individuals could get free or paid cloud services. This services includes Compute, Storage, Software, Applications and so on. You can access this cloud services anywhere from the world over the internet and data, applications remain stored on the cloud platform or servers.

Now let’s check,

What is AWS?

AWS stands for “Amazon Web Service” It is a platform that provides 24×7 flexible, reliable, scalable, affordable and easy to use cost effective cloud services and solutions for all your needs.

In the year of  2020, AWS offering more than 212 services and its spanning a wide range including computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of Things, Machine learning and so on.

AWS offering everyone to create free tier account, its valid for 12 month So that anyone can explore their knowledge, check, test and perform all available AWS service practically.

How to create AWS free tier account

Step.1 Visit to official AWS website

To create AWS free tier account you have to visit to  or you can use below official link

Now you can follow below easy steps to create AWS free tier account,



Step.2 Fill personal details to create aws free tier account

Here you have to provide your email address, password and account name which you want to give for your aws free tier account.


Step.3 Payment Information

Now, fill your payment details here, You can use Visa Debit or Credit card to make payment. Let me tell you AWS will deduct only 2 rupees from your account and it will refund to your account. So, complete your payment process, it will ask you to provide your cards, or banking OTP which received on your mobile. So, complete this process.


Step.4 Confirm your identity

Now, you have to verify your identity, for this you have to confirm your mobile number. You can complete this process by two methods one is “SMS” and second is “Voice call”



Here I am verifying my identity by selecting “Voice Call” option. You can choose any method. In voice call process you will get call from AWS and when asked you have to provide OTP which shows on your screen. You can see below image for reference. If you selected SMS option then you will received one OTP through SMS on your mobile that you have to provide here.


Step.5 Confirmation of AWS account

As soon as you done your identity verification process you can see aws welcome page. Then you have to select “Sign In to the Console” option for first time login to your free tier aws account or you can use below URL to login.

sign in free tier aws account first time


Step.6 Final step, log in to AWS free tier account

Here, you have to use your email id and password which you used while registering free tier account. Once you entered this details you will be logged in and can see AWS management console.






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